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Founded in 2000, Whisper Audio is a multimedia design company that develops and markets high-speed, rich-media Web-products. Whisper Audio's products enable clients to enhance business results by delivering high-quality audio-visuals over the Web, quickly. Whisper Audio's clients range from small businesses, to charities, to Fortune 500 companies such as PriceWaterHouseCoopers and

Whisper Audio's products are used for Web site marketing, customer service, internet advertising and sales applications including CD-ROMs.


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Since 2001, Whisper Audio has been a world leader in the delivery of media-rich content to customers worldwide. Every day, thousands of people's internet experience is lit up by rich content delivered over our network.

Our most important product, the Virtual Presenter, was introduced to the market in July 2003. The Whisper Audio Virtual Presenter allows clients to easily put responsive, talking characters on their web pages and mobile devices. Because they are viewable over low bandwidth connections, without downloading extra plug-ins, they are ideal for improving sales, marketing and online customer service facilities.

Whisper Audio's team consists of veterans in software-development, multimedia, graphic design and web design. For more information please contact us directly.


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