Virtual Presenter
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Control Panel > VP1—Details

You are now in Edit Mode for the VP. Here you can design the face, background, voice, settings, and messages. Throughout the editing, you are able to preview your selections instantly.

Here you have a selection of faces to choose from. Simply click on the face and view your selection in the Preview panel on the right. Once you have selected the desired face, click on Save Settings. You will still be able to edit the face after saving it, if you want to change it again.

For the background of the VP you can select from four options described below.

To use a library image provided click on the one you desire and preview it in the Preview pane.
Hex (hexadecimal) and RBG values are a way to specify an exact color. Standard HTML web pages use hexadecimal values to reference a color. If you know the correct hexadecimal or RBG reference, simply type it in and preview it.

Own Image
If you are interested in providing your own image for the background, select this option. This is an excellent option for businesses to use their logo or a photo of their office, for example. Simply type in the URL (ie into the text box.

If you have an image that you’d like to use, but it isn’t currently on a website, why not add it to your website on a page that isn’t linked to the rest of the site?

Note: you may need to adjust sizing of the image for the VP. It is recommended you use an image of 400x300 pixels.
Use a transparent background if you want the VP to appear seamlessly into your current site. This option will not have any background associated with it, it will be ‘see-through’.

Here you have a selection of voices to choose from. Simply click on the voice and listen to your selection in the Preview panel on the right. When you “Generate” your Presenter, it will deliver your message in this voice.

Make general settings governing the Presenter.

Type in what you want the Presenter to say to your site visitors. Depending upon your VP plan, you can deliver different messages from the same Presenter, depending on how many times they have visited the same page.

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