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The Whisper AudioTM Virtual Presenter puts responsive, talking characters on your web pages.  Created in Flash, Virtual Presenters read out any text that you write.   There is nothing to download.  All the messages stream from our servers to your web pages.  In just 24 hours, you can have one on your site.

Buying a Virtual Presenter for your web site is simple:

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Virtual Showcase
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Voice Talent Online client - this online voice over resource uses the VP-4 plan, to deliver "First visit" and "Return visit" messages to several pages of the site.

"The VP is so easy to use, and customers LOVE them. It was definitely a GREAT invesstment." - this online retailer uses the VP-2 plan, to put one Virtual Presenter
on his web site, and another on his product pages on the ebay web site

"I recommend the VP to every Ebayer. My sales shot up
when I started using a Virtual Presenter to sell my products


Presenter Features
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All accounts include

  • Create multiple Presenters
  • Choose from 8 different characters. Try It
  • 30 seconds of hi-fi, studio-recorded audio per Presenter
  • 60,000 streams (included in the 1 year license)
  • Controlled by Flash (supported by 97% of web browsers) - no other plug-ins required
  • No CD or software to download.  Just pay online and start using Virtual Presenters today
  • Includes background library. View library
  • Use your own background
  • Max character size: 100Kb - streams over a 56k modem

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Premium Presenters
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Premium features available only with certain accounts.  Please check the account plans for exact specification.

  • Add new messages every month
  • Deliver "first visit " and "return visit" messages to the same web page

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Present Pricing
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VP-1 plan summary

  • One Presenter
  • One 30-second audio message
  • One year license
  • 12,000 streams

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Annual fee




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